Thanks to our events, brands become LOVE BRANDS.

We have more than 14 years of experience in creating unforgettable events. Many of the most respected companies in Slovakia have had trust in us to create unique ideas and design, plan and produce stunning experience. We helped our clients to introduce their products, strengthen relationships with investors and employees, and entertain their business partners.

Our added value


With organization of different types of events

Fast responses

To client’s needs


That can save your money

We think differently

We bring innovative and especially effective solutions


Of various crisis situations, plans B and C

Strong agency background

Basic documents and analysis preparation

How we do it?

It’s all about a good combination of:



Our strategic department will review every nuance of your brand, the message you want to deliver, and the audience you want to attract. The strategies we develop are easy to grasp, thanks to painstaking studies and assignment analysis. They are a building stone for us to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.



A diverse environment, ear-taking music, great atmosphere and unique interaction with audience, perfectly put the finishing touches to precisely-designed schedule of events – all of which connects to a multisensorial experience of your guests. We put the story of your brand into the program to foster the overall impression. Whether we are preparing an elegant and sophisticated performance or bold and top-level show, we design the program to impress the audience the most.



Creativity and event realization is connected by the most important process – planning. It requires attention and a maximum focus on detail that can confine with obsession. And we confess. We are obsessed. We can’t let anything happen just by accident; we plan every step and look at possible problems in realization from each angle. From choosing a place, catering options or drinks offering to guests registration, transport and dressing rooms. All of this has to be precisely and carefully planned.



And here we are! D-Day is here! Everything fits together and goes like a Swiss watch. With a rich experience of creating hundreds of unforgettable evens, we can provide you with assistance and support that every conscientious business owner will appreciate.