Public Relations

Public Relations

People love stories of the successful ones and we are happy to tell them YOURS

Since 2004 we have learned a lot, we have become professionals in the field of public relations. For different types of clients we have prepared key communication strategies for new projects and products. We have become the first and the most reliable choice for the companies that needed help with crisis communication.

Our added value

We love what we do

the work is a passion and a challenge for us

We know that you are unique

Everybody loves stories of successful people and we are happy to introduce people your story.

We are percipient

We analyze every client’s assignment responsibly. We are a strategic partner.

We fulfill aims

We prepare pro-business oriented strategies and help our clients to fulfill their aims.


We do PR differently. We have our own know – how, we have contacts with journalists and influencers.

The results speak for us

In the end of every project we achieve measurable, verifiable results.

We can do all of this

In 2017 we prepared 1365 media outputs for our client BHP
We helped RAJO a.s. to overcome the business plan to sell the product newie Active Protein by 270 %